Jim Swanson has been an award winning professional artist for over 20 years. As an Illustrator Jim has made paintings for some of the biggest companies in the
world, McDonald’s, Budweiser, ESPN, and the U.S. Open to name a few.

Now Jim is painting the world and invites others to join him in this effort to paint the planet from one spot, one painting at a time from his studio.

The Artist: Jim Swanson

Recent Paintings Awards

”Snow Valley” Best of Show Award- LaGrange Art Gallery

Snow Village” Selected for the Oil Painters of America show

“Charlie”Part of A Dog Day Month painting project.

32 days 32 dog paintings!


“I’ve always thought it rather funny that my art portfolio has been around the world while I work in my studio. This Painting idea kind of stems from that- I’m use to working from the studio, but I wanted to paint far away places. And how better to do that than with my friends the Travelers. They will share with me their stories and I will share the Journey in paint. This is the start of World Journey between the Artist and The Traveler. Join me in this adventure and become a traveler, and share with me a story from your travels.”